Dental tourism

Dental tourism

Dental tourism –is a kind of tourism combined with dental treatment. Its best advantage is money saving. Therefore, for this type of tourism one usually chose those countries in which the cost for dental care services is much lower and where the quality meets the international standards. During last year, more and more people come for treatment and teeth prosthetics in the Republic of Moldova. The difference of the cost for dental treatment and teeth prosthetics in Moldova and Your country is significant – thousands of euros, even with the cost of the trip and stay in our country.

 Dental clinic “Doctor White” – is the guarantee of a qualitative and painless treatment with an excellent result. Our specialists are highly qualified professionals. For each patient they choose the most appropriate method of dental treatment and restoration of teeth and elaborate the most effective treatment plan.

In the clinic “Doctor White”, You will enjoy a wide range of dental services at affordable prices for You.

How our program works:

  1. You need to contact us by email, or by phone. On an individual basis, You will be answered to all questions, You will be informed about the cost of services and time you need to spend in our clinic.
  2. In cooperation with doctor a plan of treatment will be developed.
  3. You will receive assistance with the accommodation, and You will be met at the airport.
  4. And the most important thing – the treatment. You will be provided best quality professional services at affordable prices.

The clinic “Doctor White” works in close collaboration with the company, which will provide You accommodation and transfer services:

  • Rental of a hotel room (40 Euro per night, breakfast included);
  • Car rent;
  • Transfer (to / from airport)